Sunday, September 9, 2012

Illustration Friday theme: Imagination

if imagination This is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday theme, Imagination. In many cultures, the raven was a symbol of communication with the imagination, and subconcious. It was also viewed as sometimes being a mischievous trickster. At times the sun will strike its feathers at the right angle, and reveal an iridescent band of colour.


  1. Hi Allison. This is an "weird" illustration to me (sorry, I'm used to the other kind of artwork you do)
    is an interesting drawind, strong, visually speaking. I like it!
    Here, in my country, there are no crows, I think. There is a bird that is called Tordo, the color of its plumage is black and shiny, with the reflection of the sun you can see a blue glow
    this bird ever builds his nest, he goes to the nest of other kinds of birds, he destroys the eggs of this bird, and he lays her own eggs in the nest of another. then you can see a very small birds feeding large black chicks learning to fly here and there, believing they are their little chicks. So is life!!!
    OK, have a nice week!!!!!

    1. Hi Roberto,

      I like to experiment a bit with my styles as I have eclectic tastes (for e.g., Canadian aboriginal art like that of the Haida, & Norval Morriseau). I wasn't following any style in particular, but they are an influence for me sometimes (if only subconsciously).

      I have heard that some members of the Cuckoo family do the same thing as your Tordo bird does. Other smaller birds end up parenting these chicks, that are monsters in size. Of course their own eggs, or chicks end up dead. And yes, the crows & ravens have a beautiful blue glow if seen under the right conditions.

      Have a good week!

  2. i love the native NA feel this has. the raven, such a significant bird , yes in many cultures. love the colour treatment you used.