Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Illustration Friday theme: Mesmerizing

if mesmerizing

This is my posting for the Illustration Friday theme, Mesmerizing. The baby crossing the road has suddenly become mesmerized by something up in the sky.


  1. very original work, I really like the colors and different elements in this one. Just by looking at it I feel like this child discovering the world, seeing everything for the first time, that's a wonderful feeling. Great :)

  2. GREAT take on the theme, very original.. and so true about babies living in the "present"... makes me laugh that the bird is on the other side but that the baby still has the image "into" him. Creative collage!!

  3. Thank you Ana & Isabelle for your lovely comments! Yes, being mesmerized can make a person feel like a child - discovering the world for the first time!