Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Illustration Friday theme: Refresh

if refresh This is my entry for the Illustration Friday theme, Refresh. Nature refreshes the mind, body, and soul.


  1. Hi Ally Flynn!!
    Again the elements out of context, I love this!
    the right area, separated from the illustration is the detail, I mean The Detail!!!
    is what makes me wonder, why did that?

    1. Hi Roberto,

      Thank you so much! I wanted to show my diver immersing, or refreshing herself, in nature. The different views represent two of nature's moods - open, or secluded. They are all beneficial. She is availing herself of both.

  2. Hya yes refreshing is the key eh? And as Roberto says that right hand side split takes us into a kind of double view - up close and far away . It's refreshingly cold here today :) I wouldn't be jumping in any water unless it were a bath.

    see you!

    1. Thank you Andrew! Right now, a refreshingly (mild) cold day sounds wonderful! It is hot as Hades here these days!