Friday, December 7, 2012

Illustration Friday theme: Stretch

if stretch This is my entry for the Illustration Friday theme, Stretch. She held the magnifying glass up to her eye. It produced the optical illusion of an outlandishly stretched eye.


  1. Hi, Ally, excellent composition with diagonal and vertical lines. But beyond that, I love the details, that make me feel a researcher at your artwork. discovering this and that
    the bird reminded me, the painting "the collonade in Versailles" by Giovanni Boldini
    where you can see a dove flying, but just vanished.
    OK. Ally, this is another of your masterpieces which I admire!
    Have a nice weekend :))))))))

    1. Thank you Roberto for your kind words! I took a good look at the Boldini painting as you suggested. The dove is very difficult to make out, but sometimes those elusive details are the best of all. That must be why so many like the "Where's Waldo" children's books. Ciao, and have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Hi, Ally, your question is correct. Why not bare-chested gauchos?
    And my answer is simple, I am a man, I like to see and draw the female body. but perhaps I could draw a man bare-chested. is likely.

    Thank you very much for your comment!!
    I'll remember :)

    1. Hi Roberto, No pressure...I was just being cheeky! Actually a fully clothed gaucho - along with his horse - would make for an interesting illustration. Ciao.

  3. Hi Ally!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot for your comment!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I also want to wish you the best 2013 it can be possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i want to do an special wish:
    I hope that next year I can continue
    enjoying your wonderful art :)))))))))))))))

  4. Hi Ally, a million years without knowing about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you working on a new project, right?
    I hope to see something soon!
    Thanks for your comment!:))))))))))))))))))))))))