Thursday, June 27, 2013

Illustration Friday theme: Surveillance

if Surveillance This is my entry for the Illustration Friday theme, Surveillance. Everyone in this room is spying on someone else (incl. the ever-watchful cat); but it has more to do with sibling rivalry than Big Brother. Old mystery book characters like Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys were foremost in mind when I did this illustration. It is worth noting that George Orwell would have been 110 yrs. old on June 25th of this year.


  1. And probably, the woman in the other side of the window, also is spying someone.
    even as a spectator I'm spying on the characters of your painting and somehow, I'm spying on you
    Ally, I'm happy to see again one of your work,
    really missed your talent!

    1. Hi Roberto,

      I'm happy to be back. It is an interesting theme, and I enjoyed working on it.


  2. Nice perspective! Everyone looking at someone, that comment reminded me of that beautiful painting Las Meninas. Nice work

  3. I'm glad to get a blog visit from a new artist. I don't think I've seen art quite like yours before. Cool!