Thursday, August 29, 2013

Illustration Friday theme: Rescue

if_rescue This is my entry for the Illustration Friday theme, Rescue. A pod of whales called for help - and he was just the one to help them! Off he flew on his flying fish, across the seven seas. I was loosely inspired by the marvellous Kiwi film, Whale Rider; as well as the story of the flying carpet.


  1. Hi, Ally, as always your art is intriguing. and that is what attracts me, Example, one does not read the alphabet, read a book written with those letters, I mean, with similar elements a person can do something in which the observer sees everything without mysteries, and another person can do something like you. atractive, intriguing, etc.. etc. etc.
    have a nice weekend!!!
    is this man a maorĂ­?

    1. Hi Roberto,

      Great analogy! Yes, he could be Maori - but I left it open-ended, so that he could belong to any number of cultures. I was aiming for a mythic-type character - like a nature-deity. He rides a flying fish (less fearsome than an Asian Carp), instead of a whale. Have a nice weekend as well!