Thursday, October 24, 2013

Illustration Friday theme: Entangled

if_entangled This is my post for the Illustration Friday theme, Entangled. The horse spooked; the boot got entangled in the reins!


  1. first:
    your header is great! (I had seen it but now at the top of your blog looks fabulous)
    ok .... new illustration:
    Ehem ... I missed these works
    I like your "touch" of surrealism (the cat watching as if nothing happened) and some small aspect kitsch (sorry, I see it that way) in the roadside flowers. maybe tulips and yellow lilies. and I like the opposites, the drama which is what will happen to the rider, and the spring flowers, for example. the sun that illuminates the area under the horse's feet and the storm clouds on the horizon. Opposite, opposite, I love the opposites!
    and now I see a sort of "double horse" is an idea of motion?
    OK I do not know but I love your work!
    good weekend my friend! :))

    1. Thanks for your comment on the header - the scale of a work really does make a difference! For this illo I was trying to include elements of both lightness and tension in the piece. Some small event can change a life in an instant (if they land the wrong way). May you enjoy your weekend as well!