Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Illustration Friday theme: Freeze

if freeze This is my entry for the Illustration Friday theme, Freeze. Lola froze on the spot; realizing her car was gone! The character was loosely influenced by Carol Burnett, and Dame Edna.


  1. Hi Ally. Thanks for your explanation about bounce. (I really thank you, but it was not necessary, I told you, to enjoy your art I do not need to understand it) :))
    well... freeze:
    I see this image as ... "film"
    have you seen, which is very common freeze images in films?
    but simultaneously, the image has a lot of movement,
    maybe because my eyes played among the foreground and the second and third levels (planes) in the illustration
    anyway the girl's expression, leads me to imagine a terrible movement produced by the nervous disorder
    I think you've managed to express frozen, but with moving!!!

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Thanks again for your comments; they always make me laugh!

    Byeeeeeee:) to you too!

  3. it's like I'm walking on the sidewalk and the character gave me a fright. perfect and impressive!